Google Maps Scraper Troubleshooting

Our scraper works with keywords, not with categories.  It works like a human would:

  1. Type a search in the google maps search engine.
  2. Go through the results list that google maps displays and extract the data from each one of them.
  • Note that Google Maps works like this: if you go to in Chrome and do the same search as our software you’ll see that other categories also appear when you flip through several pages (especially in the latest results).

This is not due to Maps Scraper but is a “issue” of Google Maps itself.

This usually happens when we search for businesses in small locations; when Google Maps doesn’t find any more businesses in a location, it will still show businesses from other locations in its results list.

  1. If the problem is that the program constantly restarts, copy the contents of this ZIP file to the program folder:
  2. If you have problems because the map is not seen during the searches, try installing also these VC++ libraries:


Q.  I can´t install the software, I try to install  but i can’t see the “googlemapsscraper.exe” file.

A. It may be because some antivirus (or Windows Defender) has detected it as a false positive.

If you have antivirus, the best thing to do is to add the entire program folder as an exception.