Google Maps Scraper Changelog

Version 3.0r

Fixed: Some maps and image xpath was ignored

Version 3.0i

Fixed: xpath for title extraction in hotels

Version 3.0d

Fixed: xpath for scroll results list (again)

Version 3.0c

Fixed: xpath for scroll results list

Version 3.0b

Add: 2 new columns:

  • KW Original (Searched text originally used in the program)
  • CID

They will work only with new projects, not with the existing ones from version 3.0a and earlier to respect the number of columns of the data already saved previously.

Version 2.9y

Fixed: ‘Open Hours’ extraction fixed (for a.m and p.m formats)

Version 2.9u

Fixed: xpath for Description field.

Version 2.9t

Fixed: xpath for Reviews.

Version 2.9s

Fixed: xpath for Rating and Reviews Number fields.

Version 2.9r

Fixed: xpath for Rating field.

Version 2.9m

Add: Possibility to load/recovery a temporary project that was not saved at the time due to normal or forced closure of the software.

Version 2.9c

Changed:  Renamed gmscentinela.exe to gmscentinela.dat).

Updated: gmscentinela.dat now detects if the main program has been frozen for more than 30 seconds. If so, it restarts it, relaunching the last search.

Version 2.9b

Changed: Email extraction process is now independent (performed by an internal program called GetEmail.dat).

Updated CSharp libraries to last version (103)

Version 2.8p

Add: gmscentinela.exe which will automatically restart the project in case the Google Maps Scraper has been closed incorrectly.

Version 2.8c

Google is modifying MAPS on this days

Fixed: xpaths changed by Google

Version 2.7b

Fixed: xpaths changes by Google
Added optional filter to avoid some websites and emails from large portals
Fixed: bug in recording of existing projects

Version 2.5v

Fixed: Google has made internal changes in google maps, so the scraper did not detect certain routes

Version 2.5a

Updated CSharp library to last version (91.1.211)

Fixed: xpath of Description when a bussiness has it (restaurants and hotels mainly)

Version 2.3b

Updated CSharp library to last version (86.0.24)

Fixed: Sometimes Google Maps was blocked on the first search

Version 2.2a

For the Free version: Now the free version shows the text “Visible in paid version” when it finds an email (so that the user knows the number of emails that can be obtained before purchasing the paid version

Add Countries: Argentina (data taken from the official government website)

Added: Option to force the name of the country to be added in each search.

For example, for the keyword: “Academy in Córdoba”
If you mark that you add the country to the search, it will remain, depending on the country chosen, Spain or Argentina::
“Academia in Córdoba, Spain” or “Academia in Córdoba, Argentina” to improve the search (theoretically)

Version 2.0u

Fixed: Google has made internal changes in google maps, so the scraper did not detect certain routes (In this case, the Claim detection was affected)

Version 2.0t

Fixed: Google has made internal changes in google maps, so the scraper did not detect certain routes.

Version 2.0s

Fixed: Extraction of opening hours (Google had changed the configuration of Maps, preventing the extraction of this data)

Version 2.0n

Fixed: Error in traveling through provinces when the locations are deactivated.

Added: preposition according to language when searching with localities active. Example: Hotel in…, Hotel en… Hotel di

Version 2.0j

Improved: Modified the way of searching in maps. Now the Province+Country go with the parameter “near” in the url itself:

Add Countries: Romania and Portugal

Version 2.0i

Updated: CEF Sharp DLLs

Fixed: The map was not displayed when the system scale (text, screen, etc.) was different from 100%

Add: Google Maps Scraper 32 bits version (download it from description page)

Version 2.0h

Add Country: Brazil (please, If you select it, be patient because it takes time to load all the locations)
Fixed: Minors errors

Version 2.0g

Fixed: Error with Switzerland country definition.

Version 2.0f

Add Country: Switzerland

Fixed: Minors errors

Version 2.0 (major update)

With the arrival of version 2.0, the project recording format changes radically to dramatically improve both stability and extraction speed.

The software now generates a temporary xlsx file for each 500 records extracted.
This allows for faster extraction as generating files with thousands of rows slows down their reading/writing, while improving the stability of the program enormously.

Two new folders are generated next to the executable program:

  • TempPRJ: this is where the data for the current extraction is stored
  • Projects: When you save a project, it will be stored here

Projects from previous versions are incompatible with this v2.0, so if you had any project pending you can download the previous version (v1.4g) again to finish it.

Version 1.4g

Improved:  temporary file changed, from XLSX to XLS (more size, but more write speed when there are thousands of rows).
Added: Automatic deletion of log files older than 7 days
Added: Slowness warning message if you activate go through ALL Cities.

Version 1.4f

Added: New field extracted: Business Description (tested for Hotels and bars/restaurants)

Fixed: I didn’t get ratings for some types of business (e.g. hotels)

Fixed: Email and Claimed were always reactivated when the program was restarted (even if the user had disabled them before)

Version 1.4c

Fixed: An error when extracting a total of reviews larger than 32762 characters (due to the size limitation per cell of the Excel file format)

Version 1.4a

Add: New field extracted: Bussiness that can be claimed

Version 1.3m

Fixed: Error when exporting data (results were offset when using English as the language of the software)

Version 1.3k

Fixed: When performing a search in a list of places, if no results were found, the software was frozen and it didn’t continue searching in other places.

Version 1.3i

Fixed: Error when saving projects with several thousand places

Version 1.3f

Improved: Separate project export and saving process to a standalone process to avoid memory problems with particularly large extractions

Version 1.3d

Improved: New enhancement in data recovery in case of unexpected program shutdown (now a copy of the badly closed temporary files are also stored in the LOGS folder)

Add: More detailed logs

Version 1.2j

Improved: Substantial improvement in email search

Version 1.2h

Improved: data recovery system if the program accidentally closes

Add Country: Mexico

Version 1.2g

Fixed: iframe of the bussiness in Excel Format

Version 1.2f

  • Fixed: ‘Reviews Count’ field

Version 1.2a

  • Add: option to recover an extraction if the program closes unexpectedly
  • Fixed: error columns when a card has not defined schedule
  • Improved blocking
  • Fixed: bug in opinions with tabulation

Version 1.1f

  • Add: New data: Url of each card
  • Add: More options to extract (or not) data
  • Visual change